Tiny Sketches

How small can we go?

How small of a sketch can we make and have it still satisfy that need to put brush to paper?

These are the questions I asked myself when I started the Tiny Sketches series.

Turns out, we can go pretty small.

The best part? I can do a tiny sketch in just a few moments and still be meaningful, like this one from Enchanted Rock State Natural Area.

Even better? Tiny sketches don’t require many supplies, so I can do one just about anywhere.

Hey all! I’m continuing my tiny palette series today with this little Sketch Palette from @greenleafblue. 🎨 It holds 2 full pans of handmade color in graphite and magnetite and I’ve been taking it my daily walks lately. Slide to see it in action! 👉 I’ve been building up to 4 mile walks and it helps my morale to take a break and do a little sketch. I’m up to 3 miles now yeah!! 🤠 Some of you may remember that I had 6 (!) surgeries on my leg after I tore my ACL while hiking and I can’t even begin to tell ya how happy I am to be getting back at it! Anyhow, find out more on my blog — link in profile. #nevergiveup💪 #the100dayproject #sideoatssketches2018 #odetotinypalettes #watercolor

I started carrying my supplies on my daily walks and sketching around the neighborhood.

This really meant so much as I’ve had six leg surgeries — stopping to do a little sketch is good for morale!

Tiny sketches by nature force you to edit what you’re drawing — there’s only room for the essentials.

These sketches have really helped me grow my observational skills.

My sketch setup.

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