Day 320

Day 320 // my friend @39ruedescartes sent me a super cool leaf photo from Norway! 🇳🇴 Then we got to talking about how we both like hiking in the rain ☔, donuts 🍩, and I found out her hubs is from Ohio too! It really made my heart smile that she thought of me and sent the photo. ❤ If you don’t follow her you totally should — she’s an amazing photographer and human. Also sitting here thinking about how it really is a small world after all, and we’re all in this together. Thanks, Heather, My heart is so full. 🙏🍁 #leavesfordays #makeitlast
PS. I tried using masking fluid on this one and did some negative painting — it’s a little wonky but to me it’s more about the process and helps me to slow down and remember the moments. See my stories for more ☺
PSS. Main colors used are @caseformaking indigo 💙 and Daniel Smith piemontite genuine 😍

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