just a flat piece o' cardstock...

id date picture description
p7 1.2005     Sent this postcard to the Stamper's Sampler so that I would know when the dress form samples made it there. The stitching stamp and flowers are by Hero Arts. The dress form and the stamp that says "postcard" are by Rubbermoon.
p6 12.2004     I entered these in the Cladia Rose "Postcard from your Hometown" contest! All stamps by Cladia Rose, of course!
p5 1.2003 Sent this one to The Stamper's Sampler so that I'd know when the "flip flop" cards made it there. One of them got published!!! Flower by Impress, dragonfly and little flowers by Magenta.
p4 11.2002 Sent this one to The Stamper's Sampler so I'd know when my "carrot" samples got there. Some got published!!! Bugs by Magenta, flower by Hero Arts, writing by A Stamp In The Hand.
p3 2.2002 I made 2 of these postcards -- one to send to to Viggo Mortensen hoping that he'd reply so I could get his autograph -- and the other for my Mom so she could see what it was! Square stamps by Stampa Rosa, writing and fluer by Hero Arts. And yes, he did reply! (My Mom scanned hers in for me for the web site!)
p2 12.2001 Sent this one to The Stamper's Sampler so I'd know when my Arc of Triumph cards made it there! They used them in "a different point of view"!!! Arc of Triumph by Stampington & Co, all other stamps by Hero Arts.
p1 11.2001 Sent this one to Somerset Studio when I sent my spice treasure box in for their India theme.

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